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Darjeeling Tour Packages

Shopping in Darjeeling

Darjeeling “The Queen of Hill stations” is an adulating tourist destination where traveler would find solution of all kind. Ever since the time of British Colonials the place has remain versatile and traveler definitely loves the dynamism of the same. At Darjeeling it is not just about sightseeing and adventure rush but if you could buy a time to understand its tourism than shopping seems to play a defining role. It is not shocking to understand that Darjeeling has some of the oldest souvenir shops beside that its growing popularity have paved the way for opening of new traditional, fashion labels, souvenir shops, handicrafts and handloom etc.

What to buy

Understanding is a simple statement but it takes a brilliant effort to lash the door of confusion when it comes to shopping at Darjeeling. The most possible thing that might intrigue the mind of traveler is tea bouquet but then there are several authentic dealers you would come across that may again lead to the corridor of uncertainty.

The second most possible aspect of shopping you could indulge your head is identification of local souvenir like kukri, traditional attire, traditional eatery etc. Third aspect of shopping includes handicraft and handloom shops, curio house etc and the last would be all around shopping that includes fashion wears, book store, grocery shops, etc.

Where to buy (Some Renowned Market Places and Shops)

For those who wants to get blend with an essence of Darjeeling Organic tea we would suggest them to stroll in at Chowrasta where you would find accomplished tea bouquets like Nathmulls, Golden Tips, Darjeeling Organic tea etc. Beside that all this tea bouquet has tea lounge within which in turn would allow you to sip some golden flavors of vivid varieties of teas and its exquisites.

For people those who are interested in understanding the historical significance of Gorkha warfare for them it would be best to step in at Kukri house which is located on the way to Chowrasta. Here traveler would have an occasion to test the skill of traditional blade beside that they could extract wholesome information about its genesis and development. Apart from Kukri traveler can buy Traditional attire as a part of souvenir of their journey before they hop back home with the memories.

We have often noticed that traveler coming here takes lot of interest in handloom, handicraft and curio articles. For them the best place we would recommend looms just below the gateway of Chowrasta or else they can hop in at Habib Mallick and sons to enterprise with your desire. Other shops includes Kalimpong art gallery, Nepal Curio House, Hayden Hall, Tibetan self help centre etc.

For youngsters Darjeeling could prove to be a cherry on top because it is renowned for its fashion labels and fashion here is like day in and day out provision of local people. The best shops where you can get your deals are Dargon Market, Mahakal Market, etc. All these shops are located near Inox theater of Darjeeling.

When to buy

The best season that knocks the door of tourism usually marks around the month of summer season but during this month the price of goods could be little high so off season shopping is best suggested to get your things in reasonable price.

During winter the price of Pashmina shawls and other handlooms could inflate according to situation but then if you could mash it up with little trick of bargaining than everything is likely to go on your favor.

Things to note

Some of the basic thing that traveler must acknowledge while shopping is certain dialects of Nepali language beside that bargaining techniques could prove to be handy.

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